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Planning to get an aquarium installed in your room? Rely on our professionals at Aquariums Alive for custom design and installation services. Whether it's your private property or commercial property, we'll help you create the perfect aquatic environment. What's more? We offer on-site consultations as well.

Professional Aquarium Custom Design and Installation Services

Let us help you maintain your tank or aquarium

  • Tank size or shape

  • Installation requirements

  • Type of installation (in wall, freestanding, or room dividing)

  • Deciding on saltwater or freshwater

  • Livestock selection

  • Proper equipment needs

  • Maintenance planning and coral designing

Is your busy schedule making it difficult for you to make time to clean your tank or aquarium? Count on our full-service company to maintain your tank and to ensure the continued health of your maintenance.


Our services are available 24 hours a day for your convenience. Call us at 516-606-1382 and let us help you with your routine aquarium maintenance.

Excellent Aquarium Custom Design and Installation Services

You Can Rest Easy Knowing That We Offer A GUARANTEE Or A Service Promise On All Our Services.

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